Joseph Beuys centennial birth day New Letter no 1 , October 2020 In celebration of Joseph Beuys’s centennial birthday on May 12, 2021.

Joseph Beuys centennial birth day

New Letter no 1 , October 2020

In celebration of Joseph Beuys’s centennial birthday on May 12, 2021, two Netherlands based contemporary artists have joint together in a project aimed at recognizing being hugely indebted to his vision and influence on the art and artists.

Painter Hans de Bruin and visual artist Maria Smits are collaborating in the creation of new work, paintings and drawings, as personal testimony of the importance of Beuys’s unconventional, liberating point of view on art in the second half of the twenty century.

Maria and Hans aim to exhibit their testimony, their artistic answer to Beuys’s legacy in joint display preferably on or closely to May 12, 2021, Beuys’s centennial birthday.

Maria : How to explain the world to myself?

S ince the beginning of my career in the eighties the artist Joseph Beuys and his work plays an important role in the development of my work. His vision, however difficult to grasp, inspires me to find my own voice. Playing the role as his “sparring partner” he challenges and sharpens me to take position in finding the essence of what intrigues me.

To commemorate the importance of Beuys influence for me personally, to thank and honor him, I started this year with a special series of work titled: ‘A tribute to Joseph’.

Shamana I

Drawing on paper, 150×250 cm

H ans:

To me Joseph Beuys is an extreme and visionair artist. His expression of the human being in nature can be seen as the ultimate romantic vision. Not wandering in nature, but to be nature itself is what he wants to explain. He used to show that in many “Actionen” For instance by cleaning the woods, or explaining art to a dead hare. Using also the stage of politicians he puts the art in the center of our society. I change de DNA of Beuys by painting his most iconic performances. And make his sometimes rather abstract way of expression more recognizable.

So it is like a visual metamorphose.

Schöne Welt , wo bist Du?

Oil on canvas 300 X 230 cm

Project partners wanted

As their preparation work is in full progress it is now time to reach out to potential partners who are willing to help shape this project to it’s desired success.

Hence in this first news letter, which will provide you progress updates on regular basis, a kind and genuine call to any art professional to take up this challenge and directly collaborate with Maria and Hans to explore the opportunities from all ends.


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